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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Difference between 176 and 475

This article is for those who are interested in applying for 176, 886, 475 or 487 visas. Normally people who cannot achieve the pass mark for 885 or 175 visas apply for the above mentioned visas.

Those applying for offshore immigration (applying from outside Australia) often ask the question

"What is the difference between visa 176 and 475?"

A similar question is asked by those who apply for onshore immigration (applying while inside Australia) 

"What is the difference between 886 and 487?"

Searching for the answer, I stumbled upon this link by the Victorian government.

As obvious from the link, every state maintains two types of occupational lists. One list is for 176 visas and one is for 475 visas. 475 visas are mostly regional visas away from Metropolitan centres of the state.

So if your occupation is present on the 475 list of a state, then you can only apply for 475 visa. If your occupation is listed on the 176 list of a state then you can only apply for 176 visa.

Please note that 475 is a temporary 3 years work visa where as 176 is a permanent visa. Both of them require 100 points to qualify.

Here is a list of state/territories offshore 176 and 475 visas. The same applies for onshore 886 and 487 visas.

Victoria 176 list

Victoria 475 list

WA 176 visa list

WA 475 visa list

QLD 176 visa list

QLD 475 visa list

NSW 176 visa list

NSW 475 visa list

NT 176 visa list

NT 475 visa list

TAS 176 visa list

TAS 475 visa list

  SA 176 Visa

  SA 475 Visa


Ranjeet Raje said...

Thanks Junaid for all the collated info. Its very helpful and informative. Keep up the good work !

I have one question though..

Can I land up in Australia on a student visa keeping my current 475 visa processing in the background,simultaneously ?

Is it possible to switch to the 475 later on from the student visa ?

Junaid N. Sahibzada said...


Yes you can come on your student visa and later on change it to your 475 visa.

Kind Regards