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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Australia updates Migration Occupations in Demand List

Australia has updated its Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL), adding twelve new specialties and removing one. The MODL is a list of occupations that the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) consider to have a shortage of skilled labor in Australia.

Immigration authorities grant bonus points to skilled migrants who have experience in an occupation listed on the MODL when applying for skilled immigration to Australia. The nation uses a points based system, much like the UK's Tier 1 skilled immigration system, which assesses applicants based upon factors such as age and past experience. Successful applicants may be eligible to immigrate to Australia under a permanent visa, even without a previous job offer from an Australian employer.
Twelve occupations were added to the MODL on 17 May 2008, including five Computing Professional specializations. Electronics Engineer, Optometrist and Dental Technician were also added to the list. In addition, three trade occupations were added: Binder and Finisher, Landscape Gardener, and Tree Surgeon.

The 'Computing Professional specializing in Sybase SQL Server' profession was removed from the MODL.

For a complete listing of occupations in demand in Australia, see our online MODL. Also, please note that the MODL is a separate list from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

People applying for skilled immigration to Australia under the General Skilled Migration program must show experience and/or qualifications in a job listed on the SOL to qualify for entry. However, if they can also nominate an occupation that is also listed on the MODL at the time the application is lodged or assessed by immigration authorities, they can gain bonus points for the 'occupation in demand/job offer' section of the General Skilled Migration points test.

To see if you have the qualifications that Australia is looking for, use our points calculator.