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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Immigration for Medical practitioners: Doctors and Nurses

This post is for those doctors and nurses who are interested in obtaining visa 457.

Australia is suffering from a drought of doctors and nurses. The demand for qualified medical practitioners has sky rocketed during the last few years.

Overseas doctors trained doctors and nurses who are interested in working in Australia can either apply for permanent migration by applying for 175 visa(Please see my post for overseas immigration) or obtain a sponsorship from an employer who is willing to sponsor and get a temporary 457 visa which is a three years work permit.

The following websites of each the health departments of each state territory of Australia lists jobs which are open for medical practitioners.








The process of obtaining a 457 visa is long, specially for doctors and nurses as it requires obtaining approval from state territory boards as well.

The first step is to get an employer interested in you. Get a letter of offer and kick start the process.

Apart from the above mentioned websites, DoctorConnect is also a very good website to start with.



Immigrate to Australia said...

Hi, I just want to say that It is really nice and informative post.

Mohammed said...

Assalamualikum Junaid,

I recently moved to WA from Ireland on Permanent Residency 190, and I`m looking my sister to come and live here with me who is also a pediatric nurse working in Madina KSA but she is basically from India.
Dear brother can you please guide with you knowledge or way to bring my sister here on student or some other way so that she can live and work legally in Australia.
I will be very thankful to you as I have no knowledge or know the rule here, so please help me.

Thank you

Yours kindly


Junaid Noor said...


The best and easy way is for her to apply for Offshore immigration by nominating a profession on the Skilled Occupation List.

You can check the SOL by visiting the URL below and see if her profession is on the SOL.

Also make sure that you know the process for applying for PR as first you have to lodge EOI. So make sure that you have your documents ready for EOI.

The other way is to sponsor her as a dependent which is not possible as she is 18+ and also earning an income so it will be very difficult to sponsor her as a dependent.

Best way forward is skilled immigration.

Kind Regards