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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Australia to Grant Work Visas for Overseas Graduates

The Federal government will expand the Skilled Graduate visa scheme next year which will allow overseas students who graduate from Australian universities to be eligible for work visas lasting two to four years.
According to Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, the expansion of the Skilled Graduate visa scheme would help to enhance the competitiveness of Australia's $18 billion inbound student industry. The relaxed immigration rules would potentially grant work rights for all 220,000 overseas university students in Australia after they graduate.
The current Australian immigration system allows only graduates who have studied for one of the following skilled occupations: trades, medicine, engineering, architecture, accounting and teaching, to work in Australia for up to 18 months. Other overseas students must leave Australia within a month of graduation.
From next year, however, all graduates will be eligible for Australian work visasregardless of their field of study. Graduates with a bachelor degree, a master's degree or a doctorate will be allowed to stay and work in Australia for two years, three years or four years respectively, rather than the existing 18-month time limit.
Visa holders will need "competent English" and health insurance, as well as have to pass health, character and security requirements.
"These arrangements are not linked to skilled migration so applicants for this visa would not be required to nominate an occupation on the skilled occupation list or undertake a skills assessment", said a spokeswoman for Minister Bowen.
"The government will reserve the capacity to modify arrangements in future according to economic and employment circumstances", she added.
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